"7 Steps To Cash"

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Swipe these 7 "Cash Now" Strategies That Put More Cold-Hard Cash Into Your Personal Bank Account Right Now Without Needing To "Spend More" or "Raise Your Prices"

You’ll discover the same framework I use with my own companies and Fortune 500 CEO clientele for creating immediate cash flow infusions.


You’ll see how to build a solid fortress around that wealth so nobody can touch it… 


… and how to actually use that wealth to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


I've combed through all of our courses, masterclasses, one on one sessions and consulting calls to compile the 7 most effective "Cash Now" Strategies across all niches...


...and combined them into ONE 7 Steps To Cash Strategy Swipe File.


You’ll be getting access to the strategies by some of the savviest and most respected entrepreneurs on the planet for creating a business that lasts a lifetime. (hint: they aren't "guessing" when they make moves)


Right now, it’s now accessible to the everyday business owner and entrepreneur. Because I designed the 7 Steps To Cash Strategy Swipe File for you.


You may think that you need more cash to make more cash but that's just a myth wealthy people want you to believe. Here's the truth:

  • You don’t need to have 7 figures in the bank.
  • You don’t need to be a “business savant.”
  • And you don’t need to have any special connections…


I’ve made this to be simple to use, easy to understand, and highly effective for someone earning $5,000/mo… $20,000/mo… even $50,000/mo and above.


So if you’re done running in circles, working day and night yet not getting anywhere closer to your goals, and you want to finally rest your head on your pillow at night and fall into a deep sleep without the “bankrupt boogeyman” giving you nightmares…


…this swipe file is for you.


You'll be getting instant access to 7 video trainings breaking down the 7 Steps To Cash Strategies and exactly how to apply each in your own business. 


Remember, this is NOT about tax, finance, or accounting…


This is about BUSINESS strategy. This is how to put more cold-hard cash into your personal bank account RIGHT NOW without needing to "spend more" or "raise your prices"... and then using that well-deserved cash to buy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Apply These Private "Cash Now" Strategies In Your Life


Apply everything I'm going to teach you, and you can create a path to:


  • Win back 10 hours a week for yourself to do anything you want with
  • Eliminate financial anxiety once and for all

  • Create certainty around every business move you make.

  • Spend more time with the kids.

  • Avoid losing your business to chaos or disaster.

  • Travel more with peace of mind

  • Creating revenue waterfalls on demand

  • Pay off your debts, finally. 

  • Knowing exactly what to double down on and what to eliminate.

  • Sleep better than the Joneses.

  • Kick back and relax.

  • Create passive income.

  • Create a business with purpose and impact.

  • And change your family’s life.


This is the exact framework and the strategies we have used to optimize our cash flow during these times...


I’ve helped hundreds of small 6-figure business owners cut down their risk and raise their profits by following these seven strategies...


And I’ve “eaten my own dog food” and have created a Top 10 CPA firm in the USA just by implementing these seven strategies over and over again.


The reason for the stable and long-lasting success of my company and all my client's is all based on what I'm going to share with you inside.


These 7 Strategies, "7 Steps to More Cash", isn't going to cost you $1,000. 


The investment is just a fraction half of that. I’m making this information as accessible as I possibly can for you. 


And to make the deal even sweeter...

You’re Getting THREE Extra Bonuses (Valued At $3,500) Completely Free!


I’m a big believer in over-delivering and actually helping my clients succeed faster, easier, and with far more enjoyment. 


That’s why I’m carefully choosing to give you three extra bonuses to go along with your Masterclass at no extra cost to you.


No matter what product you sell, which industry you’re in, or what size your business currently is right now… 


What you’re getting is guaranteed to give you MORE wealth, MORE free time, and MORE power over your life...


First, you’re going to get…

FREE BONUS #1: Full Wealth Bundle Member Area Including The Profit Priority Training and Workbook($2,000 Value)


As a bonus for the 7 Steps To Cash Strategy, I am throwing our secret weapon: The Profit Priority Training and Workbook.


  • Want to know what YOU should do with your money? 

  • Curious to know how to protect yourself from the economy or outside events?

  • Do you ever wish you know what to fund and what to ignore?


Done. All you have to do is get to your computer, log in to our Profit priority Member Area, and you'll get a full training and personal workbook that will help you work through the next steps you need to take. This has only been available to consulting clients until now.


A consulting call with me usually goes for $4,800, but through 7 Steps To Cash Strategy, you get a similar level of access completely free.


Next you get...

FREE BONUS #2: Private Invitation To Our Wealth Acceleration Network  ($1,000 Value)


Along with the Profit Priority Training and Workbook, you’re also getting a private invitation into my network of other business owners who are in the same position as yourself.


Here you get to tap into the “collective mind” and ask your questions to myself, my business partner, AND other entrepreneurs in all types of industries. 


Be warned though… you’re not going to hear any “ad tactics” or “marketing tricks” for generating more sales. No… Inside, you’re going to immerse in the most advanced and effective strategies for generating wealth and keeping it longer than your competitors.


Fact is: You’ll almost become a cash flow master through osmosis alone.


This is valued at $1,000, and now you’re getting VIP access completely free.


Next up I’m offering you...

FREE BONUS #3: "Over the Shoulder" Platinum Member Live Trainings ($1500 Value)


When you fully understand the principles of business strategy, funding your ideal lifestyle and goals becomes a matter of “when” not “if.”


There are 5 universal wealth acceleration principles that I equip my private clients with every time we work together and every week we go live and share exactly what our strategy is and how we are applying the principles.


This is valued at $1500. But today, with your purchase of the 7 Steps More Cash Strategy, you’re getting them on the house.


This will turn you into the ultimate strategic thinker who can handle nearly any situation and in nearly any economy… and that’s gotta feel like a breath of fresh air right about now.



Now You Can Finally Create, Protect, & Grow Your Business Right Now...


The combined VALUE of all this is $4,300. Of course that’s not even close to what I’m you're going to invest.


Today, you can get this for one single payment of $7.


That’s over 99% off the value, which is the lowest investment anyone has made for gaining access to what’s inside this Strategy Swipe File


These seven strategies are what I build into my client’s businesses when they want to generate more profit, wealth, and freedom in their lives.


Any “marketing course” you buy online will probably go between $1,000 and $2,000, yet they’ll most likely make your business worse off than when you started...


However, since this is the first time I’m releasing these strategies inside a public format, I want to give you one extra nudge to make this an easy decision for you...


...you can get in today for $7


I’m aware that you might still be on the fence.


Even though $7 seems like a great price, it’s still something you have to think twice about, otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far.


Look, I'm not going to insult you and pretend like $7 is not going to make or break you. If you're skeptical you're probably wondering... 


"Why would I pull back the curtain, share my secret strategies and give this much value for just $7?" 


Simple: I know that if you implement ANY of these strategies you will get a massive ROI and do one of three things:


The first possibility is that you implement the strategies, double or triple your cash flow and are happy with the product and say nice things about me. 


The second is that you don't implement and nothing happens; you stay in the position you were in before you found this page. 


The third, and most common scenario, is that you implement the strategies and you are overwhelmed with the results and want to buy more stuff from me.


I'm not a marketer or a salesperson. The truth is, I have always gotten my clients by helping them see how we think differently and getting them results before asking for any kind of large investment or commitment. 


...and that's why I'm sharing this 7 Steps To Cash Strategy Swipe with you. Because the last decade of growing my top ten firm has shown evidence that if I help enough people, the rest will take care of itself. 


So for less than the price of one fancy coffee drink.... you get the full 7 Steps To Cash Strategy Swipe and I'm so confident in my belief in you I'm going to personally invest in you by giving you a bunch of bonuses:

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Claim This Offer Right Now


The 7 Steps To More Cash Strategy Swipe File ($1,000 Value) -- Seven Cash Now Strategies that will put more cash in your bank account immediately


  • How To Apply The Two most Powerful Cash Frames To Your Business ($1,000 Value) -- your #1 tool against BAD marketing and business growth device floating around out there.



  • FREE BONUS #1: Full Wealth Bundle Member Area Including The Profit Priority Training and Workbook($2,000 Value) -- get your most burning questions about how to generate and keep more cash answered with our Wealth Acceleration Bundle and Profit Priority Training and Workbook


  • FREE BONUS #2: Private Invitation To Wealth Acceleration Network ($1,000 Value) -- meet other business owners just like yourself as we all share and discuss strategies that help us build wealth in any economy.


  • FREE BONUS #3: "Over the Shoulder" Platinum Member Live Trainings ($1500 Value) -- get an inside look, in real time, at our strategy and workshop on what you should do next.

… all for just $7.


Will You Be Prepared For Whatever Life Throws At You Next?


Before I wrap this up, I want to tell you why I’m even doing all this…


Yes, I want you to invest in this. And whether you do or don’t, my only hope is you understand that your life isn’t all about your business… your business is here to create your life.


I love what I do because I can actually show good everyday people like yourself that you don’t need to have $1 million in the bank to feel safe and fund your biggest lifestyle goals. 


In fact, as we’ve learned today, that much money might actually make it harder for you to create the life you want.


Because it’s not about “making money”...


It's about putting money in your pocket. It’s about accelerating your wealth. Wealth is what’s going to give you peace of mind in any economy, recession, or health pandemic. 


Wealth is going to buy you more free time to kick back and relax. 


Wealth is what’s going to retire your parents, your spouse, or send your kids off to college.


But to accelerate your wealth, you need to know what you’re doing. 


It’s not hard, but it’s not common knowledge that you can search up one night on Google or in some YouTube video. 


That’s exactly why I created the 7 Steps To Cash Swipe File, because what you learn inside will do all of that for you. 


The time, money, energy, and even reputation that you WIN BACK over your lifetime makes this investment look like pocket change.




Yes, I Want To Build Cash Flow Into My Business Now!”

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See you in the Wealth Acceleration Member Area ;)


Dan Nicholson

P.S. One last time, when you invest today, you’re getting:


  • The 7 Steps To Cash Strategy Swipe File

  • How To Apply The Seven Frameworks and Cash Now System To Your Life.


Plus, you’re getting 3 bonuses worth $3,500 completely free.


  • FREE BONUS #1: Wealth Bundle and Profit Priority Training.

  • FREE BONUS #2: Private Invitation To Wealth Acceleration Network.

  • and FREE BONUS #3: Over The Shoulder, Inside Look.


You can get started for one single payment of $7.


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You can get started on the path to funding your most important lifestyle goals in less than a few minutes from now. 


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